To be unable to hide feelings, I think there is an expression for it, you may remember the song that Bryan Ferry  sang « heart on my sleeve » , well that would perfectly fit to Akram’s singing !


His voice is the voice of a pleasant madness. Just like him, it is first generous, and it is impossible to put in any cage, no musical genre will be able or claim exclusively akram and his uncatchable voice.


Born to tunisian parents, Akram was born in the south of France, and as far ashe can remember music was always part of his life. He grew up with the arabic songs his mum would sing from dusk to dawn, french music was also there, but it

was only  in his teens that the first musical shocks stroke him. Stevie Wonder (« I don’t how talking book came to us, but i twas there…. ») Bob Marley, and all other pop legends.